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    P7 CSS VIP by XFI

    Mainly i was focused on the editing not the frags, i had some lagg but that's Fraps for you; even with 200fps. The Quality when downloaded is top notch i'm not sure about the stream quality, but you get the picture. The intention was to have a calm show off the Aimbot in a video with decent editing not screaming emo's and speedhack :). I like to think of it as unique, time and effort was put in so ....
    Please Enjoy

    Project-7.net CSS VIP hack on Vimeo

    Name: Project-7.net VIP hack.
    Editor: Sony Vegas 8 + Photoshop CS3 + Fraps
    Song/Artist: Freemasons - Uninvited, Dan winter - Dare me, Ultrabeat - Better than life.
    Version: P7HL2H

    SORRY but I am Forced to post a link for now, Embed doesn't seem to be working on this SITE, it works on others.

    I will be uploading to Divx Stage6 once back up. Also youtube doesn't like my file size and i don't want to compress this.

    Rate this video out of 10 please.
    You may download the video ( High quality ) from the stream link in the bottom right corner.
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    Thats fucking awesome.
    Rating : 11 out of 10

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    OMG Great video Fucking ownage
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    Fucking epic.

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    awesome nice vid m8 and very nice quality on this site ^^

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    I liked the awesome edit, gj

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    great choice of songs, great vid, great special effects, great everything 10/10. best hacking vid ive probaly ever seen.

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    Man this XTC is really high. Suddenly came out of nowhere & insulting everyone :-\.
    Anyways, I am doing Computer science & also working for Google as a designer :-).
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    You are mentally challenged if you think you are making a point.
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    hmm can see why honor gives u a hard time. Your a dickhead
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    Please post screenshot of your PP, where you make 2500 $ + A month, then I will allow you to talk with me. If you do not post screenshot, refrain from contacting me further or trying to flame me, because you are on the level of a maggot right now.

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    Thanks guys.

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    screaming emos ftw imo but nice video man

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