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Thread: Bruteforce?

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    Has anyone got a good steam account bruteforce or a bruteforcer that can work with steam?

    I have tried the one made by p3ng3l "Steam password hacker 0.6" it is good and it works but its too slow and crashes sometimes and stops randomly.

    Anyone got one that will like to share with me, thanks.

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    do you know how long can take to bruteforce password? :D

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    Yes, but I want a good and fast one, like net-brute but that works for steam.

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    Will you fucks stop trying to get us to teach you how to be lame ass script kiddies? And the speed of the program has nothing to do with the speed at which you can brute force an account. Even a two digit password can take hours to crack, assuming the system doesn't lock you out after so many failed attempts.

    You were stupid and got your account jacked. Go buy a knew one and get over it already, but stop trying to get us to teach you how to hack people.

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    Why? You learned, so we want to learn, you probably learned from someone so I dont see why we cant. There is no need to call us fucks either cos we arent doing anything wrong other than asking so if you dont want to help me then please just leave me alone

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    Just give up already, cough up 15 euros, walk to store and buy CSS.

    EDIT: Or dollars, whatever you use in your country. Closed.

    EDIT2: If you really got your account jacked you might consider checking your security/brains after you've asked your mommy to buy you new account.
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