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    Ren's Showcase

    good, bad and ugly :)

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    Image Limit.

    And my userbars which can be found here: - Stealing Your Proofens
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    nice man, i like your last sig in the first section of your gfx.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShawshanK View Post
    Man this XTC is really high. Suddenly came out of nowhere & insulting everyone :-\.
    Anyways, I am doing Computer science & also working for Google as a designer :-).
    Quote Originally Posted by D00MR4ZR View Post
    You are mentally challenged if you think you are making a point.
    Quote Originally Posted by SweerAsBro View Post
    hmm can see why honor gives u a hard time. Your a dickhead
    Quote Originally Posted by D00MR4ZR View Post
    Please post screenshot of your PP, where you make 2500 $ + A month, then I will allow you to talk with me. If you do not post screenshot, refrain from contacting me further or trying to flame me, because you are on the level of a maggot right now.

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    i remember i edited the third one lol :P

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    A joke

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