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    [R3Q] Signature ^^

    Ello boiz ,, I want a sig on p7! :O

    Size: Idk>.< NOrmal size?
    Colors: Black & Red
    Text: Hate
    Render: P7 Logo, <3Blood
    Other: Mayb some effects?:P

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    mhh i hope you kike this

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    Nice, except it kinda looks like " Hate p7", and we all love P7 :(

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    o noes we all love p7 here :p its nice
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    [REQ] Signature

    Nice Siq :D

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    ty , I know thats way the ct shows thumb highly @ P7 =)

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    Bang bang Vectra,,
    THx Mate :D

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    Lol, no chinese people, we don't understand you.

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    chinky ching wong

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    Chinky Ching Chong ROFL@@

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