WOW guys..

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Thread: WOW guys..

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    WOW guys..

    Basically, everytime i exec Anti-Mute then a Hack config, No aimbot can aim at me . I mean none.

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    its sorta like EA it seems
    yalung is watching

    -the goat

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    without the vac detections

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    yeah it stops nub shake n bakers and shit aiming at you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by appz View Post
    without the vac detections
    rifk <3

    P7 all the way.

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    yes its good so its the best hack on the market

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    hell yea p7 for life

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    Move this to testimonials? :)

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    lol i was hacking on HvH agains the admin and he couldnt kill me because of my unconnected thingy he was like cut it the fuck off! and im like why its a hack server.... So he banned me because i was 31 0 and he was like 3 31 lol.... im like wtf u puss bag

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