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    P7 Is The Kinda Place

    Im serious.
    Tired of getting pwned by other hackers while raging?
    Tired of getting pwned by other hackers on a hackserver?
    Not anymore!
    Buy P7 VIP now!
    It has the fastest aimbot alive, and the smoothaim and the triggerbot is perfect for legit.
    The community is great, and the service is awesome aswell.
    My VIP was activated in 20 minutes!
    Awesome huh?
    Buy P7 NOW!!
    Dont buy detected crap like ********Aim, **************** or GrimHacks.
    Dont buy pointless crap like RoyalHack

    P7.. it rapes their buttholes.
    Yes, Royal has way more functions, but do you need them?
    NO! You dont! The only thing you need is a good aimbot!
    And well here is the surprise:
    Faster then sound, Faster then light, even faster then a savageprawnboy on fire!


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    Nice testimonial, and btw, love u too

    \ /

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    lol kejnajn. nice pic of that kid. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaz View Post
    lol kenjajn. nice pic of that kid. ^^

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    so true. last night i was raging a crackhouse server for hours and this dude from EA came on and i owned him so completely he just left.

    now for another testimonial:
    I'm not a cafe subscriber but i do have cafe, so this will be an advertisement for your cafe subscription i guess

    I was raging a 24/7 office NooB server for 3-4 hours straight last night. they kept on resrarting the map hoping to ban me or something? And due to their reactions they apparently were banning me every time. So A question i ask, is there some sort of anti-ban in the p7 hack? I know you can be steamid banned but they kept doing it and were shocked. But anyway, i kept on coming back after the 2 times they steam-banned me.

    Sadly, they finally got some1 smart on who ip-banned me and by the time i had reset my router they had set up an auto-cafekick. So i apologize if i ruined some1's fun (i doubt it, its one of the 10 or so ~50 player offices. (its not hellsgamers or the other famous one, dont worry)

    But yes, i encourage everyone to get the vip hack/subscribe to their cafe system. you will not be unpleased. it wins HvH and rage and legit :D

    fumin and hellboy, you fucking own.

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    Ohh yea they do...... whats tht thing where it blocks ur IP address....be coo, to have tht...or am i talking shit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critycal View Post
    even faster then a savageprawnboy on fire.
    fucking rifk

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    I agree, thinkin to buy it :P

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