I did some MAJOR raging

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    I did some MAJOR raging

    The result of major raging in a Deathmatch fy_iceworld...

    For some reason its really blurry... Anyways, its 1301 kills, 21 deaths

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    rly nice score :)

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    shit thats good

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    omfg nice i think that was the vip hack ? omg!

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    It's blurry because CS:S default JPEG quality is set to 90, and should be 100.
    In-game open console and type jpeg_quality 100, can also be blurry from AA, but most likely the JPEG quality.
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    Thanks genecide, ill think of that next time i post a pic up, and yes, it is the VIP hackzorz.

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    Nice score. Although you are playing bots lol. :/

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