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Thread: WHAT AM I??

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    WHAT AM I??

    lol this is soo funny, you have to watch the WHOLE thing.
    the beginning is a lil boring but it gets better.
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    ive seen this haha my cuzzin showed me!

    fuck hand fuck hand ha

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    lol i was laughing so hard
    fuck hand fuck
    what the fuck is this

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    The first one was lame, but the street magic, haha

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    bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha thats a fucken pisser

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    its by the same people as the david blaine street magic shit

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    Mikey day is on Wildn-Out too lol xD

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    I'm fuckin my hand XD

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    not funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fknpoewnd View Post
    not funny.

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