Neferty Hacked.

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Thread: Neferty Hacked.

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    Neferty Hacked.

    Due to an attack on the forum, i have passworded all forums that are open to non-vip users. This is only a temporary measure until these idiots decided they are bored.

    Send me a PM for the password.

    I reserve the right to deny you the password if i suspect you are the spammer.

    Users who are Staff/Moderators will not be restricted from viewing the forums. If you ARE vip and restricted, please send me a message.
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    lawl, i remember the flooder you sent me a loooong time ago it workd on shitty sites :P

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    lol, just lol.

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    LOL! Neferty sucks............They dont know how to secure a forum or keep their cheats from leaking, ROFL!

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    well it ever was a joke that the dlls from them are direct accessible. . its a lot to easy to crack the stuff from them if you dont even have a problem to get the private hacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustiN* View Post
    lol, just lol.

    i think so too :D :D
    theres nothing more to say^^

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    I wonder who hacked it lol

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    I hope they dont manage to do something against p7.:(

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    Its funny ur hiding your gay pron fum1n :cool:

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