Steam ID banned - Bypass.

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    Steam ID banned - Bypass.

    I was just banned after going a little overboard using P7 CSS v2.0.

    I want to be able to get back on that same server and RAGE the hell out of it, but it says my steam id is now banned, i saw a fix that used to work until recently that used cheat engine to edit your steam id... that apparently has now been fixed..

    Is there a new method to bypass steam out yet, anyone?

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    The cheat engine bypass is no longer working [ Been Patched ]

    You can buy Steam Cafe Certification From Us and you can rage all the time.

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    Paul from canada is re-opening.
    I have retired from Project-7

    Please contact Josh for all queries and messages regarding P7

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    Quote Originally Posted by genoc1de View Post
    Paul from canada is re-opening.
    huh what ?

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    whats steam cafe thingy? what it do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiRED View Post
    If you buy one, you will have every single steam game
    You don't get all of them. Only most of them.

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    oooo sounds tempting, how much does vip cost?

    i dont think i'll be able to post something which is worthy of subscriber/vip lol

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