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    Banner Contest (Thats Right)

    Winner Gets

    Beta Tester ( If Already Sub)
    1 Month V.I.P (if not sub)


    Project-7 wants you to make a Banner and Link Button, it must be Unique :)
    make it look good :)

    Banner: 452px x 128
    Logo: 248px x 117px
    LinkButt: 134px x 74px


    For Bonus Make Hellb0y an Avatar

    Must have, Hot Asain(yum) or (Any Thing Realy)

    HOOAH Soldier

    GG Pplz and Good luck
    Last edited by -=Hellb0y?=-; 29th August 2007 at 23:20.

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    Banner soon.

    Banner coming soon
    Your signature :

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    so now i ^^
    my Banner and a Link Button all from me.



    Hope it?s Good ;)


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    so now i have edit the banner ^^


    Link Button:

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    i have edit my banner and now i have more ^^


    Link button:

    so i hope you like them! :rolleyes:

    Last edited by Helo; 5th September 2007 at 20:41.

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    Just my 1st try, more to come

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    i like some of these. i wish i had graphic skills cuz i wouldn't mind being a beta tester :D

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    No one liked mine :eek::(

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    i think no one tried an animated banner so here you go:
    Project - 7 Banner.gif

    ( Click the image to show it real-sized )

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    heres my attempt in a short amount of time...

    im planning on changing the text...

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