Hatton v Mayweather Free Live!!

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    Hatton v Mayweather Free Live!!

    Here's a link to the live fight if anyone wants it :D

    Hatton v Mayweather

    cmon hatton :P

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    wow i watch it legal. hope Mayweather wins.
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    lol you payed?

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    Imo the nigger will win.

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    his fights are boring though, f'in negro :P u guys watch de la hoya vs mayweather? sooo boring was supposed to be the fight that brought back boxing.. didnt happen :(

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    it was shit... hatton was shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by laxi View Post
    lol you payed?
    it is called free TV. and Mayweather won like i said, forget about Hatton he is a silly noob and needs to learn some technics or GTFO.

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    Black or not, mayweather is a very good boxer, i watch him on cable a lot. Also LOL@PIC, they both all smiles like they are gay lovers.
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