To all the nice but pro nerds out there

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    To all the nice but pro nerds out there

    Well recently i've taken an interest in not doing much rl

    and i've always wanted to know...

    How do you hack?

    I wanna know :(

    Anyone experienced in any way explain what I need to learn to start off, and how long it took you guys etc. and how hard it is and what kind of things you can hack etc.. :)

    I wanna hear your stories, cos I like listening to other people

    And a bit of info: (Don't laugh, lol) but i'm only on HTML stages on learning

    But I wanna learn computer stuff because I Realy don't see myself working in a builders yard or a bus driver or something.. im more of a computer dude :)

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    Learn C++ and your game... you can buy a book on basic stuff to learn how to code some stuff... but of course it's more advanced than that. :) I don't hack myself but I think reading itself is interesting so you have some kind of basic knowledge on things.

    Reading ftw.

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    This is the only way to learn how to hack, Google

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    I wondered when that'd come up :)

    But I expected loads of "Simple guide on hacking only $30!!!!" to come up so I didn't bother heh

    But i'll try :)

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    I got this website, can anyone tell me if it's good/bad?

    I downloaded Visual Basic 2008 but I have no clue in how to use it

    I just want to try making programs for a bit of fun atm :)

    C++ Language Tutorial

    That's the website, heh

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    visual basic is real easy, you don't have to code the interface or anything. you get it done for you :)

    the thing you do need to know is how to code and make strings so the buttons do what you want :P

    as far as making programs, for beginners try making a program that calculates cost of pizza with different toppings, when those tabs are selected :)

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    Its actually easier than u think, Its basically A different format of english (if that makes sense lol )

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    So it's like a language

    Like learning C++ is like learning French?

    Crap comparison I know but I hope you guys get the idea of what i'm on about

    It's still quite complicated I don't know what to put where, how to test it or what template to start off with lol

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    Update: I've attempted setting up php and apache to work together... but it's kind of an epic failure...

    Done all the reconfigurations that are said about in the tutorials except i can't find one line which means my cPanel won't come up with my test, i've created folders and indexed those folders but it still won't work

    I think i might just have to pay for a proper programming course lol... I want to know this stuff but the tutorials are somehow not very reliable

    Unless someone has a simple tutorial they could possibly link, i think i'm gonna pack all these attempts in hehe

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