P7, The Cheat with Might!

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    P7, The Cheat with Might!

    Hello there, I suppose you're in this forum find out how good P7 actually is, well infact let me tell you something, it might not have a fancy bling window and a mini game like the commonly known 'Royal Hack'. You know what it does have? It has might, might like the one of a mythical lockness monster in the depths of a lac, this one has stamina, I spent a good 30 minutes on this server, confusing the admin, he banned 4 players, thinking they were me, using the mute option, and the name stealer, I eventually got bored of this french admin, you could hear in the background, people using +voicerecord saying 'This is a good hacker O.o' (Literate translation from french), infact, I am not. P7 - Is my hacker. I then got bored of raging this pityfull french server, and made a deal with the admin, he says a peice of text, with his admin talk feature, and I leave...

    And I am a man of my word, and here I bring to you:

    Imagine, just imagine the powers, of being able to convince a desperate admin, a desperate ADMIN, to say something for you, to make a hacker leave.

    I rate P7, an amazing 10.1/10. Let me tell you one little thing to do, buy P7.

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    rofl gotta love when u make em type p7 owns me and then leave or stay lol

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    LOL. admin pwnd :D
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    thats great lol, i love that feature :)
    its on the hoh vip also :D

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    wow. that's the nicest put testimonial i have ever read for any hack. P7 4 EVR BITCHES!!!!!! >:O

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    good shit

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    lol well done.

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