Can you guys do this?

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    Can you guys do this?


    I was wondering can u give more info and instructions on the download of files.

    For example with the very first link to Spiderman 3 film WTF do i do with the first .rar file? And has anyone cracked or have Premium account? Because i don't feel like waiting 90 minutes to download the .rar part 2 and so on til .rar part 15.

    So can you give noobs like me tips? because i don't know what i am suppose 2 do with the .rar files for the movies and so on.

    Great site thanks :)

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    if u send the girl on your sig to my house i will buy u an account there... xD sry but i cant help u someone offers a time stopper @ warez ...maybe that works

    here is the link :Rapidshare time stopper! - - Stealing Your Proofens
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    k thanks for the quick reply Kelly Brook will be round around 8ish :D:D:D

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    can she come to mine after? :p

    as borat would say, VERY NICEE

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    why cant you people use torrents? Good speeds, not fake files (at least very often)

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    Torrents are slow if you got a shitload of leechs, rapidshare pwns all, and always fast. Torrents sap all your resources, and kill upload, if it ain't new, good luck finding a fast one, unless you pay for it.
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