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    [POLL] Porn/Warez

    Should we have porn and warez areas?

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    Hell yeah's as long as the host ok's it

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    idk, there might be immature subscribers who would be "all for it" but their parents might think otherwise


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    And? who cares? let em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sm0ked View Post
    Hell yeah's as long as the host ok's it
    Our heads turn the same way, If it's ok with the host then, Yeah why not.

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    yes we should.

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    instead of discowall hack maybe somebody could create a pr0n wall hack? :p

    pr0n's fine with me when it includes asian girls.

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    Porn is good for the soul.

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    ofc, porn n warez is a must :P aslong u can keep teh webhotell with porn n warez on it ^^

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    he, my idea :D :P
    its a great idea... im for pornz and warez

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