Kid caught smoking.

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    Kid caught smoking.

    This is something funny I came across. Read this and it should explain all. What I don't get is how it sold for 9k. Guitar Hero III 3: Legends of Rock Wii NEW WITH RECEIPT - (eBay item 200181539427 end time Dec-10-07 18:21:25 PST)

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    Who would pay $9000 for a shitty game, wow.
    I have retired from Project-7

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    stupid ppl... you underestimate their ability to do retarded things :)

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    Rifk, Nine Thousand Dollars.

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    lmao. they proly bided themselves. or witha diff ebay acount. to make a joke. or for it to wind up on sites ( like this) but yea. funy ass story.
    AND NO! pot isnt legal:( not yet:D

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