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Thread: Mah REVIEW

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    Mah REVIEW

    This is my review of Project-7s VIP (out of 10)
    User-friendly : 9
    RAge effect : 9
    Legit efffect : 10
    Esp : 8
    overall : 9

    This is indeed one of the most affordable and one of the best hacks i have ever used.. since DeviantCheat is dead this hack has no competition.. EA -.- sux ass..
    The reason i won't give this hack a 10 is because of some small problems.. the menu is easy to understand.. but theres just so many options its somewhat hard to get used to on the first try... raging.. its not always 1 shot kill.. sometimes 2.. when u rage.. u always want your first shot to be a perfect kill.. other then that its excellent..
    yes this is the hack you want to buy if u just want to amplify you legit skills.. this hacks legit settings is just so good ^^.. i played in numerous normal servers.. and no one suspects a thing ^^..
    esp.. its ok i suppose.. not uber like other hacks.. but good enough.. there are some certain glitches.. where there will be esp for already dead people which is annoying.. in conclusion.. this hack can use a bit of a fix on the esp stuff.. but other then that.. i can't find a reason not to hack :P

    also the delivery process of the project-7 hack is lightning fast.. order today.. and ull get it in within 36 hours.. in my case less then 12 hours ..

    and also these hacks update on the daily basis.. and new features maybe added.. nothin can beat such awesome service..

    Note: This hack is now available for HL2DM ^^ (omfg.. nvm.. it sux asss in HL2DM)
    and Deviantcheats is back so the competition are now on :D... yes i use both deviantcheats and Project-7
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinx000 View Post
    if u just want to amplify you legit skills.. this hacks legit settings is just so good
    triggerbot ftw

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    esp only ftw
    yalung is watching

    -the goat

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    gj n1
    nigga stole my sig

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    agree wholeheartedly, you could nag at small points but with such a great service and overall hack there is little point as you can put up with them easily.

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    nice s3nsa

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    yeah that esp thing is funny you creep up on a \guy to find out he's dead. or shoot at a body lol.

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    When i had p7, i didnt have that problem. Its new thing then, eeh? :D nice review!

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