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    any questions

    I have any Questions to a css hack ;)

    What is Modelhack?
    What is esp(health esp....)
    What is no recoil
    What is no spread?


    And on Aimbot

    What is hitbox(1...2...3...4...)???

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    hitbox = area of the body to shoot. hitbox 14 is head.

    crosshair = make a crosshair on your screen (better then the default)
    auto pistol = pistol fire like a machine gun (just hold mouse down)
    modelhack =XQZ Wallhack (see players through walls)
    no recoil = stop the bullets from going high when you shoot
    nospread = make all bullets go into same hole
    health esp = show enemy health on your screen.

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    Ah thx.

    In hitbox.

    What is the best to do?Head?

    And there is a Aim Key.

    What do he do?

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    R Awr
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    Do you want to go on a rampage, Or a little bit silent and don't want to get banned each second? Rampage would be 14, Yes. The neck a little bit there is 10, Around it.

    The aimkey is numbered by 1,2 or 3. If you press this button it will aim for you. 1 is the left mouse button, The shoot button. So you would aimbot all the time then:p, 2 is the right mouse button and 3 is the middle scrollthingy

    But I would strongly suggest you to subsricbe if you would like to go on a rampage, From what I have seen on screenshot this would be the best quailty vac2 proof aimbot you can get,

    Hopefully clear enough, If you still got a question, Ask ahead :)

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    And what are the best settings for no-recoil to rampage?


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    rampage would be 1. no recoil.

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