the funniest thing i ever heard

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    the funniest thing i ever heard

    [ame=""]YouTube - MySpace Suicide: The Megan Meier Story[/ame]

    LMAO cyber bullied to death. hope this slut burns in hell. watch her puss she deserved it. sadly she didnt got raped rifk.
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    rofl, killing yourself because of the interwebs.

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    Yea, jokin bout the rape ain't cool really. Anyways, yea, she died, but at least a pedophile didn't meet up with her eh. Who the fuck uses fagspace anyways. She was probally taking some kind of drug ect, i didn't see any cuts from what i saw, lol.
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    Lol @ Her.

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    What is wrong with kids today, killing themselves over what others say. Lmao!

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    He didn't want to be friends because he'd heard that Megan wasn't nice to her friends.
    lol at stupid boy. and that music was getting VERY annoying

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