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    newest sig

    its my current sig

    pretty simple but i like it

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    Nice, I like it. It's 3D. Good job on it Sm0ked.

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    nice, but looks kind of cheesy to me. if this was CnC ;)

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    i remade a new one what do you guys think of the sm0ked logo?

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    ahh sexy :) I should mess around with photoshop and make myself something :S
    probably wouldnt turn out as good as yours hehe Mr. Pro.

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    The "s" makes everything look perfect. :D

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    It's Great man! Have you made the most thing with C4D?

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    nope none of its c4d it just looks like it :P

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    Then how? ^^ :P.Just photoshop? lol w0w :p

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