y u speed hack?

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Thread: y u speed hack?

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    y u speed hack?

    Need for speed <3
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    I came

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    LOL thanks brah

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    i used to have a nissan 240sx aka 180 sx so nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolo View Post
    i used to have a nissan 240sx aka 180 sx so nice
    What happen to it, stolen from big black nigger?

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    Prob a pissed off Asian. Nice work man!

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    Nice work but the planets don't fit in the concept of the whole sig. Still you added some nice effects.

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    Thanks everyone ^_^;

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    Basically that is just screenshot of NFS UG2 after you win the competition and you've used Photoshops default brushes to put planets there. It look's good of course since 240 SX (which will be my next car after i get my Vectra ready and sold btw) is included but if we speak about effort/skills to do this, it's nothing special. You could try to get rid of those stupid planets and add some filters etc. to background or car itself. Maybe some text and magic, it looks much better! Writestorymuch? Yeye i know.
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