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    Noobquestion: Screenshot

    if i take a screenshot i need to past it in Word before i can sent it to someone , how can i just make it a picture?

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    paste it in paint, or any other program that does picture editing.

    you mean print screen button? or just screenshot in game?

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    actually bmp has the best

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    yeah but some websites dont allow bmp for some reason?

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    Then save as jpeg?

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    Also if you're talking about games, Scroll lock + S also takes screenshots when you have Xfire on, It's my current main way of getting screenshots

    To save time in making screenshots,

    Put paint on the desktop

    Print screen > Windows key + D (Minimize everything) > double click paint > Ctrl + V (paste) > Ctrl + S (Save) > type a name in and hit enter

    Quickest way besides xfire i have found so far

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    Xfire quality screenshots are horrible.

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