oh god im in trouble

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    oh god im in trouble

    - Leesa says:
    (9:06 PM) SUSH1ENS :3: im gonna be leaking shit soon. i dontgot a huge load to leak, but ive got a couple of friends who back me up on what I say. I want you to leak with me, but if you feel you dont want to then dont. I'm just saying, I'd leak what I know if he was talking shit, and leaking shit about you.
    (9:06 PM) SUSH1ENS :3: not yours.
    (9:06 PM) SUSH1ENS :3: If you do choose to leak things, Tell me through offline MSN as I probably wont be on when you get this. All i want to know is age, some shit about his personal life, and a photo if possible

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    Wow, for someone whos mouth is usually filled with cock he does have a lot of space for some shit aswell lol

    If he gets a photo of you you're done for, i might leak some personal shit about you actually....did you know that fum1n weighs 25 stone and lives in azerbaijan?
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    new pedo on the lose much? he wants a bit of bum, he hasn't got it in a while and when he gets a photo he be like wwooww my dick is wanking its self because both my aarms are broken!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ShawshanK View Post
    Man this XTC is really high. Suddenly came out of nowhere & insulting everyone :-\.
    Anyways, I am doing Computer science & also working for Google as a designer :-).
    Quote Originally Posted by D00MR4ZR View Post
    You are mentally challenged if you think you are making a point.
    Quote Originally Posted by SweerAsBro View Post
    hmm can see why honor gives u a hard time. Your a dickhead
    Quote Originally Posted by D00MR4ZR View Post
    Please post screenshot of your PP, where you make 2500 $ + A month, then I will allow you to talk with me. If you do not post screenshot, refrain from contacting me further or trying to flame me, because you are on the level of a maggot right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUSH1 View Post
    oh hes me btw

    Lol. Here is our elite leaker and coder.
    I have retired from Project-7

    Please contact Josh for all queries and messages regarding P7

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    Even im prettier than him

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    shit man geno that thing screwed my childhood how i get that from my sight man, tried crack+weed allready

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    Josh you better be scared.

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