Help? Mcafee auto-removes stuff i want

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    Help? Mcafee auto-removes stuff i want

    Well recently ive been trying to hack World of Warcraft... even though i hardly play it "properly" anymore

    i need a program called WPE pro

    but my anti-virus (Mcafee) keeps removing it when i try to open it

    can anyone tell me how to allow it and not to delete it automatically because it considers it a trojan?

    any help will be appreciated :)

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    yeee i know but i have no clue (even after looking around for a bit) on how to allow it and not for mcafee to auto-delete it

    it considers it a trojan but i cant find a way to stop it/allow it

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    It's your allow and deny list. I forgot what it's called, look around in McAfee Control Panel. You should see something like, allow and deny programs through this computer or something.

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    Well I can't allow it because it auto-deletes it, so im not sure how to get around it

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    Uninstall McAfee.

    /wrist lol

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    hi, i also had the same problem m8 , that's why I deleted Mcafee and installed NOD32 check it out in the warez section

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    Can't you just disable macafee? nOt delete it just disable?DOn't knowi have nod32

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    i thought there was a way to give priveleges to an file =/

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    Is Nod32 just as good?

    Atm I have antivirus, internet security etc. like most of their stuff, but will Nod32 cover it?

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