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    a rage

    little myg0t wanna b gets raged at being 1 shoted every round against his public ha

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    Gj =)

    Nice Ping Btw :D

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    whaha nice :p

    ps: look at the fps wtf!!

    first screenshot with net_graph 3: 68
    with cl_showfps 1: 78

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    I was there. He peeked and crouch me with a deagle and he said that's the skill of a real player, RIFK

    @ ***poewned, if you have ping like fum1n's, and you get good fps... The fps glitches off.

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    They actually really aren't all that good at anything.

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    lol if we hate myg0t why use rifk lawl

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    We don't hate them, or do we.

    Fo sho that guy ain't in myg0t. He just made a spam and decided to go rage a server.

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