P7 Public CSS Cheat 4.2 and No Ads!

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    P7 Public CSS Cheat 4.2 and No Ads!

    Today we have released a new version of our public cheating software for you to all enjoy! it is also undetected by VAC2 Anti Cheat!

    You can download it from the official thread here:

    If you like our public cheats, please consider buying our Premium brand software, this software will blow your mind when you use it!
    When you purchase Premium, you will get 100% VAC2 Proof Hacks and they are substantially better than our public versions and contain many more features!

    More Info: http://project-7.net/forum/
    Buy V.I.P: http://project-7.net/forum/payments.php

    On a closing note all Google ads have been removed from Project-7 due to Google's epic fail, we will be privately selling a banner space in the coming days.

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    gg man. :)

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    Nice realese slabhouse, and as you said, its really worth to buy VIP! :) Go do now :D :D

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    But you only get VIP for a limited time, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChexGuy331 View Post
    But you only get VIP for a limited time, right?
    There are different subscriptions. 10 years is the highest

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    These are the subscriptions available.

    o Short Term Contract
    » 28 Days : $17.99 USD
    » 3 Months : $34.99 USD
    o Long Term Contract
    » 6 Months : $47.99 USD
    » 20 Years : $79.99 USD

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    I highly recommend to buy the vip, it will own everyone in everything :)

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    loll bot , get aimbot not google

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    link broken pls fix

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