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    5sec Rage

    This was me raging for 5sec :) It's going to be for a video with members and every member gets 5sec so this will be my vid :)

    Comments pleas :)

    it's a demo so paste it in Cstrike ( Program Files)

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    Whyh do you make demos? MAke the .avi or something

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    i will convert it :D

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    He's too stupid, Keron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by !Duck1e View Post
    He's too stupid, Keron.
    wtf is your problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by !Duck1e View Post
    Nigga please.
    lawl oh yea duckie me and my friend were surfing the net in school and i was thinking of ur sig so we went to google and typed in afro duck under image search and it was like afro duck all hail we couldnt stop rofl for like 30 mins and the whole class was like wtf

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