Sound problems for GTA:SA

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    Sound problems for GTA:SA

    Hi guys

    I downloaded GTA and was very happy with it thanks to p7.

    The problem I am having is when i get a phone call or mission i have 2 do on the game i can not hear them speak. For example when i enter Ryder's house and do his missions i do not hear him speak at all. This is the same with all missions. My volume on my pc, headphones an game is on max i just don't know why there is no sound when i do missions. There is sound on everything else in the game just not missions.

    Anyone got any ideas?


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    Could be the game came with no voice files... can you add subtitles to the game? That would be the next best thing. Or try google searching for the sound files

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    san andreas is the biggest shit, worst gta ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthf1 View Post
    san andreas is the biggest shit, worst gta ever.

    Come on I am asking help not ur opinion.

    Just wait 2 the new one comes out.

    Thank you very much bdawg2000

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