HI! introduce yourself!

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    HI! introduce yourself!

    hi guys you can introduce yourselves here

    hi i'm josh, owner of this website and many others, I hope you enjoy your stay

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    Hi i'm Me... yes... think about it!

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    Hi im A noob Im going to skool cya

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    Hi, im the best guy on this forum, what else you wanna know ?

    I pwn fum1n and I love to make him scream like a baby at MSN.

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    iam Alexander and i love watching boring sports like formula 1, boxing,... my favourite game forever is this one, iam 17 year old german, and thats all.
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    wtf i made 1 of those threads b4 :x n e way, im Eskimo A.k.A Macke n i pwn every 1 :P

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    im LuLz

    josh lmao why u put that there i own wif out the hack u no that

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    Hey i'm nick and i'm new here :)

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    This is snapshot i have alot of respect for this man, you will find out later why :cool:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snap_shot View Post
    Hey i'm nick and i'm new here :)
    welcome to P7 Nick :D

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