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    I R BABOON, naw jk

    I r JustiN*


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    hi @ all

    i?m Patrick
    i have a few server?s but only dsl 1000....
    servers: http,ftp,e-mail,mysql ...
    i can: vb6
    a littel bit: http,php


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    Hi evry1!

    Its me here! lol!

    Well im 22 years old women from finland my real name is miia!
    Im much better known from other sites like moderator @ www.cheatersutopia.com and ET hack customer @ www.netcoders.cc!
    Well have no idea what else to say about me! Im here and ill stay! :)

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    Yo dudes. =Pro= Here. Well ive only found the joy of raging about a week ago (fun isnt it :) ). I go by many names ingame. But my most used ones are . P.I. SSTAKER and Rag.r #1 so if u see me give me a shout and ill turn my hax on :)

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    im Black and im interested in cheats since april :D
    im active in the fxp scene and got lots of servers :P

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    hi guys i am Skelletor.

    Some people of you already know me but i will tell something about myself.

    I play CSS since the beta i think it's like 1.5 or 2 years ago.
    I am specialised in making material and memory hacks.

    I am here to support you guys with making these kind of hacks on your own or making special requests for you guys.

    Soon i will be a memebr of the staff but at what position is still unknown.

    well good to see you guys again.

    Greetings Skelletor

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    yeah i remember you, hope more from old staffs are coming back.:D

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustiN* View Post
    I R BABOON, naw jk

    I r JustiN*

    I was but everyone was saying I leaked Rev0lt for MOB hack, and Ex and phantom somehow believed it

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    Hey, Conlich here.

    I've been hackin for a couple years, Used to have P7 back in Catalyst oooold days. Used to be in Leet, .::1337::. and now I'm joining HRU. Well...I'm Conlich.


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    i remeber you, back in the old days when we argured with l337, you might remember me as Dragon:D

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