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    Will SMith

    I'ts simple but i <3 it :p

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    7/10, The text looks sketchy. Try using some other kind of text besides just black and basic.

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    6/10 A little basic

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    Well no other text would fit..:p at least for the fonts i have. The 'Was born to be a legend and Keron' is ok but 'WIll Smith' destroys it

    EDIT: v2
    Last edited by Keron; 27th December 2007 at 21:39.

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    nice with Will Smith v2 is better but the next one you make should be on Grim Fandango considering your avatar.
    8/10 great use of the movie title

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    v3 lol

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    keron thats a beautyfull work - n1 man

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    V3 looks alot better. :D

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