[Movie Debut (HoH)] Perfect Retribution

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    [Movie Debut (HoH)] Perfect Retribution

    I just wanted to share my main HoH movie/latest film with everyone here.

    Movie Poster

    Main Feature

    Enjoy. No metacafe folks. Sorry.

    If you all have not seen my previous works at House of Hacks please see the other posts under this category. I am also simultaneously working on a P7 video coming soon.

    Thank you.

    Note: The people involved in the making of this video do not take the position that one hack is better than another. The people who worked on this project are supporters of various hacks.
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    why the fuck did you post this here ?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparky18m View Post
    lol this fucking video is so fucking bad.
    ganging againt the other hax that only play with deagle, lol.
    i pwn all of u HoH?lers !
    hoh is perfect playing legit.

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    House of Hack is fail for raging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by !Duck1e View Post
    House of Hack is fail for raging.
    its perfect for playing legit & raging. it just could be better hack vs hack.

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    It fails against raging.

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    He got you good nig :p

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    You failz0rz at raging. Hacks don't tell stories, they kill niggas.

    nice comment

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