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    HoH 2nd Vid

    I took a long time prepping this and planning for this video. Overall--the message is not just transparent, but also metaphorical. The song blends in with the art direction of the video well---and it's definitely longer than the previous iteration of my film for HoH. Note that every video I have made so far and will make are different---something most people have not seen altogether and taken from a fresh perspective on the little things we take for granted or the larger things in life we lose to find the smaller meaning of.

    Enjoy these videos---and make your own summaries as to my messages for them other than the clear indications. There is always more to be learned in everything; I have come to find.

    "Obfuscation" High quality download is recommended:


    Metacafe of "Obfuscation:"


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    I expected a little bit more raging oO

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    this movie is a trip lol

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    You are a nub with raging, sorry again.

    Put your fucking smooth on 0.

    Other than that. You spent a lot of times on details, glad to see that though.

    Raging is horrible, look for better settings...

    Post your current settings on P7 and we can help you out.

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    Duck1e...I appreciate your kind remarks--but my videos are not for raging. I never said I was a rager at HoH. They are simply to show the name. I appreciate you seeing the video though. Thanks m8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxicity View Post
    this movie is a trip lol
    lmao :p

    i give this movie a 6/10

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    Thank you.

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    horrible video...
    I am really really dissappointed of how slow it is... everything ... every effect is so slooow.... people don't want to watch slow pointless videos.
    Try Again!

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