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Thread: 1st HoH video

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    1st HoH video

    Hey All,

    I worked my butt off on this video--with the song being composed by me.

    I ENCOURAGE everyone to download the 55MB High-Res file. You won't regret it!
    High Quality Server Download

    [ame="http://www.metacafe.com/watch/986940/hoh_v4_public_hook_movie_trailer/"]HoH V4 Public Hook Movie Trailer Video[/ame]

    Note: All the following video links to HoH are just so that people here can see some of my previous projects.

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    Altair = M3nly

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    Last edited by rev0lution; 29th December 2007 at 20:04.

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    I'm sorry but you have the worst HOH Public Settings For Raging A Public Server.

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    wow shoulda been all headshots ducky couldent have said it better

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    nice vid... but u didnt work ur ass off... watch my videos and then tell who worked his ass out....

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    Impulse...I've seen them---and they fail to impress. It's just footage of you killing and some lame effects. Sorry to say it--but if you think I didn't work my ass off--then you definitely have a longer way to go.

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    Nightmare--it just comes to show that I fail to care about what you say. If I can recall some of your A***ING wisdom--"there's no killing..that's fucking gay!" Here--and especially at HoH. We both know you don't like me--and the feelings are mutual. And frankly, I couldn't give 2 cents of a fuck if he was a better editor than me. But the key thing is, he needs to first get to that level first without acting like he's there.

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    Normally you use hacks to rage and you don't show personal feelings in these vids ;)

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