im retireing :|

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Thread: im retireing :|

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    im retireing :|

    here is a last batch of sigs i made, im not leave p-7 just hangin up my hat on gfx, but ill still look at everyones they make and help as much as i can. But who knows :P i might put my hat back on one of these days.;)


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    you were very talented but i guess every1s gotta retire from something one day

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    Noooo. :/ Ur teh gfx master :(

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    wtf? you are 1337 NOOO

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    guys its ok im not leaveing p7 im still here just not making gfx anymore :P

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    :( But your so good man honestly.

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    and lol? your last name is polston that's my math teacher's last name :p

    and PL0X NoOoOo D:

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    pl0x n0 d0nt

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