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    im in need of dough im in a sticky situation, im taking any and all donateions :)

    You can send any donations to my paypal,

    i really need about 25-30$ usd. so if anyone is up to help sm0ked out i'd greatly appraicate it

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    ask your RL friends?:o

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    nigga my freinds dont know wtf paypal is lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sm0ked View Post
    nigga my freinds dont know wtf paypal is lol
    let you give the money on hands.:)

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    huh? im also selling a css account 10bucks.

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    He means cash.

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    yea via paypal! ive just received 5 dollers only 25 to go :) i know some of you people got extra dough it can be 5 bucks, doesnt even have to be the full 25

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    Meh, i only have a bit of money like 3 bucks in paypal, but ill send it.

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    every little bit counts THX!

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