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    Project-7 models

    ~hey guys~

    -neo100 (most poeple know him as [Ħ.†.Ρ] | Ħoζŷ.şħįŧ the owner of the "Hack Server || [H.T.P.] || SPEED = KICK/BAN)

    -decided to make P7 models ....his first models are project-7 crew models.. u can watch them on his server...or here..

    -I think i allowed to say from all P7 member and people "Thank u ,good job m8"

    -i personly love these models ^^but say what u think about them

    So Full credits goes to neo100 .. i only upload images and helped him a bit..

    quality is better in original but i forgot to unclick rezize image for message board.. sry...
    For any help & requests or to discuss current discounts, you can contact me on Skype.

    Skype: P7FRAKTAL

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    looks sick. maybe add more details to the front? thts nice. thank him fo ery1

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    RIFK dude i will give you a hand when i get back online and point you in the direction of some of my friends

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    lol akn unbanned

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    can i have them =)

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    What? Crew ftw? Pretty much....

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    Good shit =D

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    RIFK Akn banned again :P
    Models look really good.

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    h4t!ng u said that i have those already?? :o
    Am i right ?

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