new p7 vip hack demo

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    new p7 vip hack demo

    well i'm mad bored so i just did a quick demo of some ownage on dust_2 with the newly released hack.

    didn't feel like putting it together for youtube so i'll just leave it as a demo file. y'all know the drill (put it in your INSERTDRIVELETTERHERE:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\INSERTNAMEHERE\counter-strike source\cstrike)

    i might put it together and make a youtube video again, but i don't feel like putting all that shit together now lol.
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    If it's not on youtube i cbf.
    i'll wait for you to upload as a vid to youtube.

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    it is just a .dem
    cbf looking anyway.

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    Upload to Youtube you will get more views ect.

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