Selling 2 steam accounts

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    Selling 2 steam accounts

    I am sellin 2 steam accounts. I'll either take $15 each or a vac unbanned steam account with atleast css on it. Where that thin black line is where the games on that account end.

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    Steam Digits?

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    I belive they are 6

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    post a screenie

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    Where would I take it?

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    go in game

    Type STATUS in console

    Then Print screen it

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    Why are you selling them? And hey I will trade you for them just tell me what games you want I have a bunch of old accounts I don't use anymore.:cool:

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    james I just want a steam with counter strike source. Neither of these have them. So if you got one with css or wanna buy one of these for $15 message me on xfire (nmp12392) or send me a pm

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    k i just added you on my xfire.

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    there stand PRE LOAD COMPLETE that means that you dont have it.. that means you once had it and it stands on your pc but that steam account doesnt have it.

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