P7 CS:S demo + rage

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    P7 CS:S demo + rage

    Demo of P7 CS:S w/ rage included

    too bad there were no admins. lawlcakes & roflcopters. p7 rocks.

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    Nice Vid but next time try using fraps [www.fraps.com] or gamecam [www.planetgamecam.com] its alot better than taping ur screen. :p

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    yer deffintley

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    okies =) appreciate that

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    nice job

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    Nice :P try Using a Ingame recorder tho..Clearer

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkinDeep View Post
    Nice :P try Using a Ingame recorder tho..Clearer
    already pruposed by T0ny , fraps.

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    can anyone tell me that song?

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    it's by Tiesto.

    Adagio For Strings

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