Rage Pt. 2 (with Fraps! lol)

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    Rage Pt. 2 (with Fraps! lol)

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    Oo nice vid but what map is that? never seen it :D

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    the deathmatch version of it is uber sick. you can basically sit in their base and just constantly kill them as they respawn haha

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    not a rage..lame...sorry but its not one...

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    You don't know what a rage is then.

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    Yea the deathmach is good for hacking :D

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    Well pretty nice video but there isnt enough ppl to make great rage video! ;)

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    nice, not that big of a rage tho....

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    you shoulda has auto aim/shoot on
    ^^thats how you rage

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    not bad. hacking, no rage.

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