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    Quote Originally Posted by tomahawk_ View Post
    Please, don't delete this topic...
    ANSWER ME dude..you must give me the account that I've bought with you
    Good luck... if he scams you he starts pretending that you scammed him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mft0r View Post
    Good luck... if he scams you he starts pretending that you scammed him.
    Send me your transaction id, Please wait some time until im restocked.
    Please do not reply here anymore,pm me i will not check the thread anymore.I will give you the accounts pm me what u bought + trans. id.
    Edit: Do not wait for me to come online on msn, its being freezed as said on my thread.
    To mod: Please close my thread.
    Last edited by Un1ver$al; 13th July 2010 at 20:00.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Un1ver$al View Post
    Edit: MSN being freezed by kids.
    If you need help getting your MSN unfroze contact me I'll help you out.

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    please, just send my account to the email provided in the Private Message that I've sent to you
    i need this as soon as possible, you know,,, I've sent you the money (Transaction ID: 2AD66513SW490612P)
    .. thx man

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    He doesn't answer the PMs

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    Closed as per users request. If you want it re-opened, send me a private message.
    Make a thread in the "trader feedback" section if you can prove and only if you can prove he is a scammer. If anyone makes an accusation without any proof, they will have to face the consequences.

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