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Thread: Good hacks.

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    Good hacks.

    Right , heres the thing.

    I have Rev0lt private but people allways pwn me. I was wondering if anyone on this site has a better hack than rev0lt (Free) :confused:

    Add my xfire (n0skill2k7)
    Add my MSN (
    Or send me a PM.

    Thanks , Liam.
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    Sorry but no you don't ask for hacks like rev0lt on a site called project-7 where they make hacks. It kind of a insult.

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    I got it. Its good but i want better :) People can still slice me to bitz!

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    Double post FTW :D

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    lawl dont double post :-)

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    I didnt mean to :) Lolz.

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    then edit it next time

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    look, the hack cant do everything. you must have some skills to be good on these hack server. don't expect to download revolt and be unkillable

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    and depends on weapon dmg. :P

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    Yes i know but people can just peak there head out and my aimbot is like DUHHHHH , and theres are like BANG headsot.

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