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    [Cheap] Steam Gifts

    Hello guys, I bought a bunch of steam gifts when they are on sale for the holidays. These are legit gifts, I payed for them through steam and I sent all the gifts to my email. The gifts I currently am selling are listed below.

    ***I will pay a middleman on purchases above $50, If you want a middleman and you are paying less than $50 you pay for the middleman. I HIGHLY recommend and prefer to use a middleman.***



    • I do not give exchanges or refunds *unless gift does not activate, which it will*
    • The only Payment Gateway I use is PAYPAL, in USD currency.
    • No charge-backs - I will report you
    • Limit five gifts per customer (extremely limited quantity)
    • I don't have to trade with you if I don't trust you
    • 100 Plus post members only - no scammers!
    • I will PAY for the middleman on purchases above $50 if you request!
    • I am not responsible if your account gets disabled, banned, etc.
    • Post here and PM me if your interested

    [In Stock (17)] Counter-Strike: Source
    1 CS:S Gift: $6.50
    2 CS:S Gifts: $12
    5 CS:S Gifts: $17.5

    [In Stock (one left)] Mafia II
    1 Mafia Gift: $20

    [In Stock (4)] Team Fortress 2
    1 Gift: $6.00
    2 Gifts: $11.00

    [In Stock (one left)] Valve Complete Pack
    1 Gift: $70
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    hey i want to buy a css gift, add me on msn mystikgamer@hotmail.com

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    send me ur msn ?

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    Hey, I'm interested in your (1) CS:S gift, and I'll go first.

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