DECEPTION | Steam Shop - 4/5/6/7/8 Digit

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    DECEPTION | Steam Shop - 4/5/6/7/8 Digit


    1. I will go first if you are a trusted member & if you are not then we will use a middleman.
    2. PayPal is the only payment method.
    3. Ask for community pages in PM's / Messenger.

    CONTACT ME: (My only email)
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    LOL this guy scammed me out of a 5 dig earlier. Gave him 55 bucks and a 7 dig. He made a different p7 account and email adress. Kid thinks he can scam us. Ban now PLEASE.

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    Hey wattez or whateva, keep your facts straight, i haven't done any trade wid you. If i have scammed u or anything, post any proof then bark.

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    Same dude who scammed me on his other account (W2S). Please beware or you will be scammed.

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    yeah your post there bud shows some real integrity, denying everything. Also a mean person "or whateva" "then bark" etc.

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