Due to increasing number of scammers on the board, we have introduced a new rule, number 8 in the announcement / Trade Forum rules.

When someone is selling or claiming to sell 5 digit account or lower or any account that is worth over 30$ you, the buyer can and have the right to contact Global Mod: D00MR4ZR or CEO: STR and ask us to verify the seller. We will actually check if the seller has the account he is claiming to have and make your trade a safe and painless experience.

As a seller, if you decide to post on P7 and try to sell your stuff, you are obligated to grant us access or provide sufficient proof that you actually posess the items you claim to.

Refusing to do so makes you fishy and will result in permanent ban from our forums. We have just taken a next step and we are enforcing a ZERO TOLERANCE for SCAMMERS!

Note to buyers: You can post your requests in this thread, I will handle them and check Sellers of your choice.