Im selling this bot, because i don't play wow anymore.
*Basic* Features:

* Supports always newest WoW build
* All Battlegrounds also Gilneas and Twinpeaks, except Isle of Conquest
* 1-85 Leveling
* Grinding
* GoTo Profiles
* Loot & skin corpses
* FishBot Color & Background Memory writing version
* Supports EACH class, race and faction
* Click To Move supported
* All available Combat Keys for best class setup
* Melee, Range and Healer mode
* pvpTool WoW Addon
* Chat detection
* Inform battleground members on Base incomes
* ALL security features and AFK Debuff detection!
* Status bot window and Tooltips
* Hardware ID support
* WoW Patch 2.4.3 Private Server support
* Auto Update check & Updater

*Elite* Features:

* Detect follower
* Questing profiles support
* Background mode and MULTI botting on one pc
* PvP Isle of Conquest (IoC) support
* Vendor support
* Random BG since Patch 3.3.3 supported
* Ninja skinning, skin each animal
* Fishing in a Lvl profile, ghost WP supported, move from place to place and fish everywhere
* Private WoW server support (3.1.3/3.2/...)
* IRC remote control - also via mobile phone!
* Relog on disconnect/WoW error
* Time scheduling
* Logitech G15/G19 LCD support
* Force to join battleground while in bg
* Sheep add (handle the add with an attack like sheep or fear)
* More profile functions like StartFishing, UseObject, UseNPC, UseVendor, GoToNPC...

Orginal prices:

14.99 Euro / Lifetime
10.00 Euro / Lifetime

Looking for 15 via PP