Tested every version from A1 -> A6 and here's my feedback :)

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    Tested every version from A1 -> A6 and here's my feedback :)

    The well waited and hyped alpha release :)

    I myself had high expectations on the release and was a tad sad when it "only" had an esp that didn't work properly.
    Then i got the feedback that the whole idea with alpha was that we help test and provide feedback regarding new features and stuff.

    A2,3,4 not much to say really more than i think it mostly was code-optimizing to get hack more secure against VAC.(A3 never worked btw *smile*)

    A5 & A6 : Now we're talking !!!!!

    Grenades-esp to help u dodge incomming flashbangs etc. :)
    Anti-flash implemented into the hack and here we have to be careful
    since u get caught easilly if u get carried away.

    ESP fixed in A6 !!!!! kudos to the crew for that :)

    I use hack on a daily basis and have adapted to esp-playstyle pretty well i guess,
    i tend to get a few fishy kills now and then but THAT happens to everyone.

    My AWP-skillz increased 4-500% with the esp.
    Overall accuracy is much better since u can prepare the kill in a new different way.
    U have the advantage over the dude that doesn't know you know :) <-- Me like

    i have friends i play with on a daily basis and they haven't called me out once
    even tho my "skills" increased pretty much in a fortnight (means 2weeks)

    My final words regarding P7-csgo is that i'm here to stay and i really hope it's a long long time be4 VAC catches up on us......

    If they ever will ?

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    Thanks on a nice testimonial sir! I am happy that Project-7 exceeded your expectations.

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    thanks bro, very nice to get an honest opinion! great feedback.
    I have retired from Project-7

    Please contact Josh for all queries and messages regarding P7

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    Thank you for the awsome feedback

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