Basically I bought these cheats like 2-3 weeks ago, and I'm still yet to get banned or anything. Going around with common sense and just checking where people go, and not being stupid about it, also must remember be careful with flashes and such, and when you're shooting through objects, make sure to shoot a full clip basically to different positions, that looks like you're playing legit aswell and not wallhacking (just due to overwatch)

Overall the ESP works as I wanted it to work, and I will definitely keep buying the premium cheats every month as soon as it will expire, I don't mind since it's just 20 monthly to rely on some excellent working cheats where you've no risk of VAC ban as long as you remember to stick to updates and overwatch is quite easy to fool aswell, better if you don't even end up overwatched in the first place but just play carefully and it'll work.

Thank you for the constant support aswell, really customer reliable service offered here, whoever hasn't bought this yet I do really suggest to.